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Strategic Highway Safety Plan Community of Practice

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Send your SHSP question to Danielle Betkey, Transportation Specialist in the FHWA Office of Safety. Danielle will get back to you shortly!

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You may also submit technical assistance requests online through the FHWA Office of Safety’s Peer-to-Peer Program. While there, check out the P2P Program Reports. Several reports focus on SHSP and Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) issues.

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Noteworthy Practices

Noteworthy Practices
Learn how states are planning, implementing, and evaluating their SHSPs.  View SHSP-related Noteworthy Practices.

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Get an Answer, Fast!
Get a quick answer to your SHSP question. Or learn about other technical assistance options.

Visit SHSP Partners

Visit SHSP Partners
Locate your state’s FHWA, NHTSA, FMCSA, or other contact.  View SHSP partners


RSPCB Program Point of Contact
Felix Delgado, FHWA Office of Safety
FHWA Office of Safety

Staff and Primary Work Responsibilities
FHWA Office of Safety

Safety and Design Team
FHWA Resource Center