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Roadway Safety Professional Capacity Building Program

Training Opportunities

The RSPCB Program works with organizations that offer training aimed at improving the skills and abilities of roadway safety practitioners. These organizations offer free and for-fee opportunities ranging from classroom training, live webinars, recorded webinars, and online courses. Learn more.

Roadway Safety Course Finder

The Course Finder is a list of over 50 courses, mostly in civil engineering programs, where roadway safety is the primary focus of the course discussion and learning objectives. Learn more.

RSPCB Program Purpose
The purpose of the RSPCB Program is to help roadway safety professionals acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to implement programs, strategies, and countermeasures that reduce roadway fatalities and serious injuries on the Nation’s roadways.
Need Help?
Contact the technical assistance program for help on your roadway safety challenge
Call the technical assistance hotline at 866-727-FHWA or apply online.
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