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Roadway Safety Professional Capacity Building Program

The Office of Safety offers free technical assistance on policy, program, and technical issues to State and local roadway agencies through the Office's technical assistance program. Technical assistance is designed to help agencies to assess, develop, implement, or evaluate effective strategies and programs that reduce roadway fatalities and serious injuries on public roads. Technical assistance is generally delivered through the following mechanisms:

  • Referral to an experienced peer or technical expert for support by telephone and email.
  • Onsite assistance from an experienced peer or technical expert.
  • Training workshop led by an experienced peer or technical expert.
  • Facilitated peer exchange conducted onsite or by web conference.

Read the technical assistance guidelines for more information about each of these types of assistance.

Topics on which agencies may seek technical assistance include:

Within the above mentioned topics, the program may address issues related to Federal-aid safety, including:

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Peer Exchange Reports

Technical assistance delivered through workshops and peer exchanges generally results in an event report. Reports provide roadway safety practitioners with easy-to-access technical assistance on safety challenges encountered by many of their fellow agencies.


Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

Local and Rural Roads

Roadway Safety Audits (RSA)

Safety Data and Tools

Peer Exchange Report

The West Virginia Division of Highways hosted a peer exchange where peers from KY, NC, SC, and TN shared their best practices for streamlining the delivery of projects through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP).
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"The event generated many good ideas to improve our local HSIP guidance document to better serve the metropolitan planning organizations and rural highway agencies. I think in the long run, the quantity and quality of applications for funding will improve because of this workshop."

Mike Holowaty
INDOT Office of Traffic Safety