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Strategic Highway Safety Plan Community of Practice

Evaluate Your Plan

Evaluation helps States assess the progress of their Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) and identify opportunities for improvement.  The results can help strengthen the SHSP process and performance and in so doing improve the State’s transportation safety.  Evaluation is also a component of the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), which requires States to evaluate the SHSP on a regularly recurring basis to ensure the accuracy of data and priority of proposed strategies. 

SHSP Evaluation Process Model (EPM): The EPM will assist States with conducting a program evaluation of their SHSP.  Program evaluation looks at the overall SHSP process, helping States assess how they develop, manage and implement their SHSP.  It also examines the SHSP’s performance and identifies if goals and objectives are being met. The EPM will help States answer basic questions of program evaluation, such as: What are we trying to do? How well are we doing it? How can we improve?

Monitoring Progress, Evaluating Results, and Establishing a Feedback Loop: Monitoring, evaluation, and feedback are methods for measuring SHSP progress, understanding its impact on safety, identifying and institutionalizing lessons learned, improving decision-making, and providing the information necessary to make course corrections and update the SHSP.

The Art of Appropriate Evaluation (NHTSA)

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The SHSP Process
Noteworthy Practices

Noteworthy Practices
Learn how states are planning, implementing, and evaluating their SHSPs.  View SHSP-related Noteworthy Practices.

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Visit SHSP Partners
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