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Road Safety Fundamentals
Concepts, Strategies, and Practices that Reduce Fatalities and Injuries on the Road

U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration

UNIT 3. Measuring Safety

Table 3-2: Categories of MIRE Elements
(Detailed image description)

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Table of MIRE data elements examples; image description of the table in the image follows.

Table 3-2: Categories of MIRE Elements
Category Examples of MIRE Data Elements
Roadway Segment

Roadway classification

Paved surface characteristics

Number and type of travel lanes

Shoulder, median, and roadside descriptors

Pedestrian and bicyclist facilities

Traffic volumes

Roadway Alignment Curve and grade information
Roadway Junction

Traffic control devices

Intersection features

Interchange and ramp descriptors

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RSPCB Program Point of Contact
Felix Delgado, FHWA Office of Safety
FHWA Office of Safety

Staff and Primary Work Responsibilities
FHWA Office of Safety

Safety and Design Team
FHWA Resource Center