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Noteworthy Practices Manual
Practices of Local Agencies Implementing the HSIP

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Figure 11-1. FHWA Systemic Safety Tool

See the extended description below.

Source: FHWA, 2013

The image consists of two parts: (1) a diagram and (2) text accompanying the diagram.

1. Description of the diagram:

The diagram consists of two concentric circular elements. The outer circular element is a ring consisting of three labeled color-coded segments. The inner circular element consists of six labeled color-coded circles with an arrow from one circle to the next circle. The circles are color-coded to match the outer color-coded segments. The information in those two circular elements are listed below:

  1. Element 1 (blue)
    • Identify Focus Crash Types and Risk Factors
    • Screen and Prioritize Candidate Locations
    • Select Countermeasures
    • Prioritize Projects
  2. Element 2 (green)
    • Identify Funding for Systemic Program and Implement
  3. Element 3 (purple)
    • Perform Systemic Program Evaluation

2. Text accompanying the diagram:

The FHWA Systemic Safety Project Selection Tool expands a transportation agency’s analytical techniques and models to a systemic safety analysis approach. This helps an agency perform a system-wide evaluation for roadway attributes that are common to locations with a crash history. The process outlined in this tool can be used to plan, implement, and evaluate systemic safety programs and projects that meet an agency’s capabilities and needs.

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