Road Safety Fundamentals

This textbook introduces fundamental concepts, strategies, and practices for reducing roadway fatalities and injuries.

Local Safety Practices

Learn about roadway safety noteworthy practices being implmented by local agencies across the nation.

Champions and Partnering

Learn about how road safety organizations are coordinating efforts to improve roadway safety outcomes.

Training and Education

RSPCB Program partners offer roadway safety training opportunities to increase your roadway safety knowledge.

Noteworthy Practices

States are implementing data-driven, strategic approaches to roadway safety that reduce staff time, save money and resources, and reduce roadway fatalities and serious injuries.

image of a road being paved

Technical Assistance

The Office of Safety's technical assistance program supports State's efforts to reduce roadway fatalities and serious injuries.

Communities of Practice

Learn about the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Community of Practice.


RSPCB Program Point of Contact
Felix Delgado, FHWA Office of Safety

Staff and Primary Work Responsibilities
FHWA Office of Safety

Safety and Design Team
FHWA Resource Center