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Roadway Safety Professional Capacity Building Program

SHSP Spotlight


Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has embarked on new efforts to involve more people in preventing traffic crashes on Ohio roads. TZD News gives roadway safety practitioners, stakeholders, and safety partners a platform to share information about crash trends, learn about behavioral or roadway design factors that contribute to crashes, and understand the different roles everyone plays in the effort to reduce fatalities and serious injuries. ODOT also hopes to share good-news stories in TZD News about how people are changing lives and helping Ohio take another step “Toward Zero Deaths.”

This first edition of TZD News includes information about Ohio’s new awards program, “The Safetys” – a regional collaboration award established by the Ohio Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Steering Committee that recognizes the hard work and dedication of many people who are helping Ohio move Toward Zero Deaths. The award program reaffirms a plain and simple fact: Collaboration is key to driving down traffic deaths and serious injuries.

ODOT has also initiated the Towards Zero Death Safety Network, which is kicking off a series of quarterly meetings. These meetings are an opportunity to build relationships between the various disciplines involved in traffic safety; foster professional development by featuring nationally recognized speakers on topics related to traffic safety; and recognize outstanding work by safety professionals across Ohio.

Read the Safety Network Flyer.

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