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Roadway Safety Professional Capacity Building Program

Get Involved!

Need to stay current on SHSP news, practices, and events? Now it’s easier than ever. Participate in the SHSP Community of Practice (COP). Visit this site to read about the innovative approaches states are taking to involve stakeholders, identify emphasis areas, and implement SHSPs. Follow the discussion and contribute your ideas and knowledge about roadway safety in the SHSP on-line community. Promote your SHSP event in the COP event calendar. Subscribe to receive emails notifying you when new content is added to the COP. All of these activities will keep you up to date about the latest SHSP and allow you to share this information with your SHSP colleagues.

You and your organization can participate in the SHSP process by assisting with any or all of the following tasks:

  • Determine the mission, goals, and measurable objectives of the SHSP as members of Executive Committees, Steering Committees, or working groups;
  • Review the data and provide recommendations on where the SHSP should focus, i.e., emphasis areas;
  • Serve on emphasis area teams and select and implement strategies and action steps;
  • Take responsibility for a strategy or action step and make sure it is implemented effectively;
  • Participate in summits to meet and network with colleagues;
  • Help design marketing and communications materials to increase awareness of the goals, objectives, and strategies; and
  • Monitor progress and performance and provide feedback to SHSP organizers.

If YOU are interested in becoming involved in your SHSP:

  • Review a copy of your state’s current SHSP to identify opportunities for you and your organization to participate. Perhaps you can serve as a member of an emphasis area team, actively participate in an upcoming media event, or distribute information to your members and other stakeholders.
  • Locate and reach out to the safety office at your State DOT and ask who is responsible for your state's SHSP. If you don't know how to reach the safety office, contact the Safety Engineer at the Federal Highway Administration Division Office in your state. These offices are actively involved in your state's SHSP development and implementation and can provide additional information and guidance.
  • Become a safety ambassador and a role model – slow down, pay attention, drive sober, always buckle up; and make sure your family, friends, and colleagues do the same.

View more information about how to get involved in your SHSP.