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Roadway Safety Professional Capacity Building Program

Welcome to the Office of Safety's Roadway Safety Data Dashboards. The Safety Data dashboards are graphical presentations of data elements that characterize fatal crashes on U.S. public roadways. These elements include FHWA and NHTSA definitions of fatality type, collision type, collision location, and type of person involved in the fatal crash. All of these elements can be viewed and compared at the national, state, regional, or MPO level. Learn more.

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Why use a dashboard to view fatality data? Fatality data sets are large and complex. Dashboards convert these data into familiar graphical displays that makes it easier for the viewer to see trends and to make comparisons between states, MPOs, and regions.

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See trends and make comparisons in fatality data at the national, state, regional, and MPO-level.

Dashboard Example

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