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Roadway Safety Professional Capacity Building Program

Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) Administers Federal Funding Exchange to Fund Local Transportation Projects

The Federal Highway Administration, Office of Safety invites you to attend a free webinar:

This 90-minute webinar will discuss how KDOT helps local agencies streamline the process of implementing transportation projects – including projects designed to improve roadway safety – through an innovative program called the Federal Fund Exchange (FFE). The FFE gives local agencies the option to swap their federal funds in exchange for State dollars. This option lets local agencies save time and money by avoiding some of the more restrictive requirements of the federal aid process. The webinar will include 30 minutes of question and answer time.

This webinar is based on the Kansas practice found in the Roadway Safety Noteworthy Practices Database. The Noteworthy Practices database is found on the Roadway Safety Professional Capacity Building Website and features practices from across the Nation that reduce staff time, saves money and other resources, and/or demonstrates a capacity to reduce roadway fatalities and serious injuries.

  • Date: October 29, 2015
  • Time: 2:00 - 3:30 PM EST
  • Host: Melonie Barrington, Transportation Specialist in the FHWA Office of Safety
  • Presenter: Ron Seitz, Chief, Bureau of Local Projects, Kansas DOT

To Register for the Webinar:

FHWA has changed its webinar registration process.

If You Are a Federal DOT Employee:

  1. Go to this page: https://collaboration.fhwa.dot.gov/dot/fhwa/WC/Lists/Seminars/DispForm.aspx?ID=706
  2. Click “Register Yourself for Seminar.”
  3. Register for the webinar by selecting the “DOT User” option.

For All Other Registrants (all non-federal DOT):

You must create an FHWA account that you will use to register for the webinar.This is a one-time step. Once you have an account, you may use it for any future FHWA webinar. We strongly urge you to create an account well in advance of the webinar.

  1. Go to this page: https://collaboration.fhwa.dot.gov/FBA/Membershiprequest.aspx
  2. Request your account, enter preferred business email, username and password.
  3. Your account request will be approved in 1-2 business days. FHWA will send you an email when the request is approved.
  4. When you are notified that your account is approved, return to this email and click the link to the webinar registration: https://collaboration.fhwa.dot.gov/dot/fhwa/WC/Lists/Seminars/DispForm.aspx?ID=706"
  5. Click "Register Yourself for Seminar."
  6. Enter the user name and password that was just-approved.